To evolve the long-running, successful communications platform to ensure it remains relevant and contemporary given the rapid changes in GCC youth societies.


Against a backdrop of intense peer pressure, intensified by social media, to live up to certain expectations and unrealistic, unachievably-successful persona, a voice telling our guys it’s OK to be who they are, rather than telling them who they should be is a welcome relief.  Barbican is a celebration of comradeship and mirrors the things that inspire, motivate and glorify everyday normal moments.  “Barbican. This is us.”


The campaign has only recently launched.  However, digital results to date have been phenomenal and smashed all set targets.  Some highlights:

Across digital: 74 Mill Impressions, +15.8 Mill Views, +975K engagements.

TVC videos: +14.9 Mill Views, +575K engagements (excluding views).

Digital videos: +4.1Mil Reach, +33K engagements (excluding views).